With Twitter, Google, YouTube, Turkey’s opposition overcomes media blackout

With most Turkish TV stations controlled by the government or its supporters, the opposition has been forced to find ingenious, often funny, ways to beat the media blackout and bias ahead of Sunday’s vote. But will the jokes work?

Allez les Bleus! Exploring France's love of football

With the World Cup in full swing, we explore France's love of football, the so-called national sport. Many people hope Team France (known as "Les Bleus") will repeat history and win the competition like they did back in 1998. Though 20 years ago, that victory still inspires today's fans. Meanwhile, women's football is gaining ground in the country, though work remains to be done for "Les Bleus" to gain as much interest and respect as the men's team.

Few Islamic State group fighters return but home-grown attacks rise, Europol says

Europeans who have fought on behalf of the Islamic State group have not flooded back in large numbers since losing strongholds in Syria and Iraq, Europe's police agency said on Wednesday but they’ve inspired a growing number of home-grown attacks.


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