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Windows application development 
& database integration.

Comes in two flavors:

  • Custom commission
  • Off the shelf

Custom Commission Windows application development.

You want a piece of software to control or monitor a process, or you want to have a custom application written to allow accurate entry and manipulation of database information. With you we'll pull together a detailed requirement specification and produce a custom application specifically to fulfill that requirement.

You may want a method of integrating and controlling information displayed on a dynamic web site, but don't want to have to learn how to write dynamic code or a database to drive it. We can do that for you. Giving you a simple windows application with a normal windows graphical user  interface to control and manipulate information, automate the sizing, compression and file size manipulation of images for web site publishing etc. Allowing you to simply click a button to update your entire web site, confident that when you go on-line to look you'll see what you expect.

We have an off the shelf windows application: 'Property Manager'.

This application is currently designed to populate a database with property information on properties for sale. It also handles automatic sizing and compression settings for images and uploads all the modifications to a web site at the click of a button.

Currently 'Property Manager' is a single language application but shortly will be available in a dual language version including English and French. The application will be displayed in either language and the database will store property details in both languages for a bilingual web site. This is ideal for property agents marketing properties in France to both English and French speaking clients.

Currently Property Manager comes with design time for us to create a new web site for you. However if required we can supply the Property Manager application, ASP pages and instructions on how to incorporate them into your own existing web site.

Contact Us now to discuss your application requirements..

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