Côte d'Amour 22 Brittany

Côte d'Amour 22 Brittany

Sailing - Embarquez sur Eulalie (Lézardrieux)

Located at Port de Lézardrieux, In the Bréhat Archipelago, sheltered by the Sillon de Talbert, sailing is enjoyable with the yacht handling well. A lobster pot is lowered in the shelter of the channel between the rocks. After a bit of 'rock dodging', the Eulalie drops anchor in a flower-filled cove. On the menu, there's a picnic but there's also an introduction to nautical charts, wildlife and the history of the boat. Tel: 06 87 73 17 99 / 02 96 55 99 99. Website: http://www.eulalie-paimpol.com/ Email: info@eulalie-paimpol.com

Sailing on the Sainte-Jeanne (Erquy)

Enjoy some traditional sailing on-board the Sainte Jeanne, the skipper and crew know the ropes of this fore-and-aft rig with its 52 pulleys! With a few instructions, you can have a go at handling the sails and even take the tiller. Drop anchor hard by Fort la Latte and enjoy a picnic. As you pass the magnificent Cap Fréhel, or sail by the extensive beaches of Pléneuf-Val-André, you'll have plenty of time to learn about the boat's history. (this 1912 sloop used to carry cargo). Located at Le Sloop d'Erquy, Rue du Port.

Sailing on the Ar Jentilez (Perros-Guirec)

You can rely on the skipper, Philippe, to make sure you enjoy the pink granite coast from the very best vantage points. He will also be delighted to teach you some sailing techniques on board this elegant goêmonier, a vessel traditionally used for seaweed gathering. You can also try your hand at angling. As you approach Sept-Îles, gannets, puffins and even seals begin to accompany the boat. Sometimes dolphins come and play in the wake. When you land at Île aux Moines there is a picnic of Cider, terrines, cake and other local produce.


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