BML Anglo Agence

BML – Anglo Agence


We are an insurance and finance brokers created by Alain Montagnon who saw the arrival of the Anglophones in the early eighties.  He immediately saw their plight and created his specialised insurance agency – Anglo Agence.  In 2004 Trystan Street joined the team, becoming a partner in 2008.

Fast forward to 2018, Alain has retired from the agency and Trystan, working with his new business partner Mme Mounier, has continued to develop the agency to serve the English speaking population of Brittany and the Grand Ouest.

There are 3 employees Wayne, Alex and Kim, so when you call, you will always speak to someone in English, including the claims department.  We are able to insure any project in France.

Insurance & Assurance


  • Insurance for your permanent, holiday and mobile home plus contents.
  • Claims dealt with quickly and efficiently, in English
  • Extensive cover: we can include swimming pools, holiday letting, horses, solar panels, freezer contents and much more....


  • English plates no problem to insure
  • Reductions for limited mileage and people carriers
  • A policy totally adapted to your need plus homestart assistance.

Other vehicles

  • Camping car
  • Classic car (retaining British plates)
  • Caravan
  • Motorbike
  • Boat
  • Aeroplane
  • Trailer
  • Tractor
  • Sit-on mower.

Health and Life

  • Top up insurance: Flexible health insurance solutions, adapted to your needs.
  • Private health care, compliant with French law for those temporarily ineligible.
  • A complete life cover solution to protect you are your family.

Legal Protection

  • We offer protection for your legal rights.
  • English advice provided by qualified legal experts on all legal subjects.


  • Insurance policy adapted to your business (gites, builders, restaurants, kennels and...)
  • We are able to provide the obligatory 10 years insurance for builders and artisans.
  • Public liability for all trades, including businesses registered in the UK and the EU.
  • Wage protection and tax deductable life and health cover for Professionals.



  • Regular or one-off savings plan in a tax efficient vehicle.
  • Short term, instant access, tax free savings accounts.
  • Pension equivalent, flexible savings guaranteeing a regular income, whatever the stock markets do.
  • Free income tax and inheritance planning.


  • Internet current account.
  • 5% of your AXA insurance contracts reimbursed.
  • Low cost banking.


  • Loans for vehicles, renovations, holidays.
  • Credit cards
  • Help to navigate around the complex French finance system.
  • UK style equity release.

Money Transfer

  • No commission on your currency exchange.  Euro to sterling, sterling to Euro.

Going Beyond

Our motto is “going beyond” and here’s how we do that for all our clients : car registration, health insurance, tax advice, driving license exchange, inheritance advice, wills, capital gains.... in fact nearly anything to help your integration into France.

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