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Macron decides Monday
The plan will be finalized on Monday by the President of the Republic after a lunch with his Prime Minister, according to our information. After these latest arbitrations, Edouard Philippe will present it to parliamentarians on Tuesday during a debate on the whole architecture of deconfinement. A debate followed by a vote.
The final arbitrations will be made Monday evening or Tuesday morning at the latest by the President of the Republic. During his speech on April 13, he promised that the deconfinement plan would be presented within two weeks. Here we are. Consequently the Prime Minister will expose him the architecture of the project of deconfinement of the government during their weekly lunch, Monday at 1 pm at the presidential palace. A work meeting will follow in the aftermath, still at the Elysée, with Edouard Philippe, Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, and Monsieur Déconfinement, Jean Castex .
Emmanuel Macron is also waiting for his Minister of Health to present him with "health indicators" on Monday. They should make it possible to assess the impact of deconfinement on the epidemic from May 11. Emmanuel Macron wants to be able to rely on these indicators to assess almost day by day the influence of the gradual reopening of the country on the famous “R 0”, this basic reproduction rate of the infection , that is to say tell the number of people that each patient infects. In confined France, it fell to 0.6, and the objective is that it remains below 1 in the country after 11 May.
The latest decisions
It is therefore Monday evening or Tuesday morning that the Head of State will take the final decisions to remove the vagueness on major subjects such as the conditions for the reopening of schools , shops which will or will not be able to resume their activity and under what conditions, etc. Then, from Tuesday afternoon everything will happen in the National Assembly. There was to be a parliamentary debate on the Stop Covid application (tracing of patients) , it will ultimately be extended to the entire deconfinement strategy. Prime Minister to set out government doctrine on six priority themes: back to school, masks , tests, isolation of the sick, transport, work / economy, and rallies. The parliamentary debate will be followed by a vote.
It is therefore the whole architecture of deconfinement that will have parliamentary anointing. Once this stage has passed, the plan will be presented to local elected officials, prefects and social partners. Consequently, consultations will begin to apply the main principles to the local realities of each territory.