Family Benefits and Accidents

IV. Family benefits & accidents - France's social security scheme for self-employed workers

IV. Family benefits

Family benefits contributions are paid by all self-employed workers and private-practice professionals. They are collected by RSI for self-employed workers and by URSSAF for those in private practice.

These contributions entitle members to family benefits from the Family Benefits Fund (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales/ CAF) under the same conditions as salaried workers: offsetting of family expenses (births, dependent children, child care, back-to-school expenses), plus benefits for housing, disability, low income (RSA), etc.

Most of these benefits are means-tested.

Family benefits, which are awarded from your 2nd child, are paid at a rate that varies based on household income.

V. Preventing industrial accidents and occupational illnesses

RSI does not cover its members for industrial accidents and occupational illnesses. However, it offers a prevention program called "RSI Prévention Pro" that includes specially tailored and personalized medical follow-up (a free medical appointed entirely dedicated to preventing your on-the-job risks) as well as comprehensive information on the risks connected with different jobs and what to do to protect yourself.

However, self-employed workers can apply to the general scheme for voluntary membership in the industrial accident and occupational illness insurance program.

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