Histovec – Vehicle Checking Website

Are you planning to buy a used car or motorbike and would like to know more about the vehicle you are interested in? Before you decide to purchase, you can consult the website Histovec, provided by the French Ministry of the Interior. It gives you access to reliable information about the history of the used vehicle that you are thinking about buying.

For this, you must ask the seller to share the history of his vehicle through the site HistoVec.

This free and official service allows both sellers and future buyers to share a certain amount of information about the vehicle:

  • Date of the first circulation;
  • Change of owners;
  • possible accidents;
  • Administrative situation of the vehicle (guarantee, opposition, theft);
  • Technical characteristics of the vehicle (brand, colour, engine capacity, CV, noise level, pollution criteria ...).

Note :

The Histovec site should be improved in the first quarter of 2019 with new data, particularly concerning the technical control.

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