The Role of the Notaire in a Property Sale

It is the sellers’ Notaire who controls the sale but he is a public official with a role to undertake and cannot favour buyer or seller. One of his principal roles is to ensure all of the various taxes are paid to the Government bodies.

He also checks that the sellers have ‘good title’ to the property, in other words it is theirs to sell; any rights of way are clearly defined; past planning permits were conformed with, any current permits that might affect the use or value of the property and that the property does not have more debts outstanding on it than the price being paid. This process can take around two months.

You can be present on the day of the signing of the Acte de Vente at the Notaire’s office or you can ask to be represented by Proxy – please advise us in advance as there is some paperwork to complete. If you are selling through an Estate Agent a representative from the Agency will be there to assist you and, if required, an independent translator will be appointed.

You should receive the proceeds of the sale in your account within a 10 days period. If you have Capital Gains Tax to pay this may take longer or you may only receive a portion of the funds with the balance after the CGT has been paid coming to you a number of weeks later.

If you are sending the funds back to the UK, you should consider the options available to you and shop around, as a 0.01 difference in the exchange rate can equate to hundreds of pounds when you are moving large amounts of money.

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